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Ayurveda on State

The word Ayurveda derives from two Sanskrit roots, ayuh, meaning “life or longevity”, and veda, meaning “science, sacred knowledge, or wisdom.” Ayurveda is therefore the science of longevity and long life, conferring sacred knowledge and wisdom about life itself.


We are a microcosm of the vast macrocosm -  just like Mother Nature, we are made of the five great elements: ether, air, fire, water, and earth. Ayurveda understands the manifestation of the five elements in the individual through the doshas - Vata, Pitta & Kapha - organizational and energetic principles which express a person’s inborn and current relationship to the natural environment. The doshas serve as diagnostic aids, helping us to address imbalances that inevitably arise with the passage of time, through changing seasons and in different cultures and locations. 


The doshas are composed of specific combinations of the five elements. Vata dosha combines the ether and air elements and expresses the principle of movement, governing breathing, nerve impulses, and communication. Pitta dosha combines the fire and water elements and expresses the principle of transformation, governing digestion, temperature, and intelligence. Kapha dosha combines the water and earth elements and expresses the principle of structure, governing growth, nutrition, the balance of fluids, and memory.


This 3 consult package includes an analysis of your health history and current state of mind and body health in order to determine your unique constitution according to the wisdom of Ayurveda. The first consultation will be an in-depth look into your health history includes clinical observations like tongue and pulse reading. A medical examination via your Vedic Astrological birth chart and a thorough conversation of your current health concerns, diet, digestion, women's health, lifestyle, spiritual practices, etc. Recommendations will be provided accordingly, and then we will have two follow-up sessions to adjust the recommendations to create a sustainable and preventative mind-body health path for your beautiful future!

Single session + two follow-up sessions: $280


About Zarah Kravitz

Lead Ayurvedic Practitioner


Zarah Kravitz is a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, having received her degree from The Ayurveda Institute in New Mexico, where she studied under the divine guidance of Dr. Vasant Lad. 


Prior to her Ayurvedic studies, she became a Certified Holistic Health Counselor at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she focused on vegan cooking and lifestyle. 

She is also a Certified Hatha Dharma Yoga Teacher, trained by Sri Dharma Mittra, in New York City. 


She has dedicated the past 14 years to working internationally with clients, individually and in group settings, leading cleanse programs, teaching yoga classes and workshops, hosting retreats, and facilitating  Ayurvedic cooking classes and nutrition programs. 


She currently offers private Ayurvedic consultations with an emphasis on helping clients find personalized, balanced, and achievable approaches to diet and lifestyle, pursuing the integrated health of body, mind, and spirit.






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