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Kirtan on State

Kirtan is group prayer and meditation, an invocation of sacred Sanskrit mantras, set to enchanting melodies and mystical rhythms. Its magic rests upon the principle that ‘the name of God IS God’. 


One of the primary practices of Bhakti yoga - the yoga of spiritual devotion - kirtan takes place in community with fellow spiritual seekers & devotees (bhaktas), collectively praising diverse aspects of the divine, which boil down to the essentials of Beauty, Goodness, and Truth, expressing our highest ideals. 


The musical format is call-and-response chanting: the leader offering an impassioned call, to which the participants listen with intention and respond with devotion and abandon. This mutual exchange of energy makes manifest the ineffable power that dwells within every human heart, and which blossoms in divine community. 


The practice of kirtan builds ‘ojas’ - an Ayurvedic principle of rejuvenation - which enhances personal resilience, physical immunity, and generates overflowing love. 

~ ~ ~

Kirtan on State is hosted by Trevor & Zarah as an offerring to our community and as an opportunity to publicly worship with our friends. 

We regularly invite local kirtan singers to collaborate  on the evening program - and on special occassions we enjoy the privilege of hosting seasoned kirtan leaders on tour and from the larger southern California region. 


Come as you are. All are welcome at kirtan, of all ages, spiritual persuasions, and creeds. 


Together, our primary objective is to raise the universal vibration and to seed positive intentions within our own consciousnesses and within the collective, which will emanate throughout the larger reality. 


3. 24. 23

Kirtan on State
Vasanta Rama Navratri

 7 - 9 PM  - by donation


In the Vedic tradition, following the first New Moon after each Solstice and Equinox are set aside 9 lunar phases (tithis) - or 108 degrees of separation between Sun and Moon - during which to redirect our hearts, minds, and wills to the Divine Mother, to the fecundity, effulgence, and shakti coursing through all of us as a part of Nature. These are potent times for devotional practice, for cleansing, and for setting intentions for the season of life ahead. The mythological birth, or appearance day, of Lord Rama also falls during the Spring festival, on the ninth phase, or Ram Navami. 

Kirtan on State will be back next Friday, 3/24, to celebrate Ma and Rama together, with kirtan shares from several friends, as well as two special lengthier chants: the Mahishasura Mardini Stotram & Prema Mudita. Please join us for an evening of devotional chanting in divine community.  


Jai Maa Jai Sri Ram

Two chants from our

2nd Anniversary kirtan,


Sita Ram Hanuman


Hari Om/ Sharanam Ganesha

Much gratitude for the amazing group of people who came out that night and lent their voices and presence to these recordings. 

And immense love to our dear friend Siobhan Barton for capturing and editing this footage. 


With some exceptions for traveling artists and musicians, Kirtan on State remains a consistently 'by donation' offering. 

The Divine names are not for sale, however we do put a great deal of time, energy, and heart into these events, and thus we humbly accept and appreciate love donations.  



 Past Kirtans, 21'-23' 

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